Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where can I find sizing information?

Each clothing item has a measurement chart on the product page in the description section.

When will my order arrive?

Some of our items ship from different facilities so the shipping dates will vary. Check the order page for the estimated shipping dates. Most of our US orders typically arrive within 10 -14 days unless it is stated differently on the order page. Some of our items such as our bags and non clothing items may take more time. Please allow extra time for holidays.

Can I exchange my order?

Since this is a print on demand business, each product is made only once you have placed an order. We do not carry inventory so please be absolutely sure that you want to order what you are ordering. 

Are the t-shirts regular sizes?

We do use Small, Medium, Large etc. but those sizes are for whichever particular brand of shirts we use for that design, such as Gildan and Bella Canvas. Please sure the measurement chart in the description of each product.

Where are your products being shipped from?

Many of our products have different manufactures so they are shipped from all over the United States.

How can I check the status of my order?

After an order is made, it will be sent to the manufacturer. You will be sent tracking information as soon as it is made available. Check the estimated shipping time for your product or the order page.

What do I do if my order is damaged?

Please feel free to contact us immediately and send a photo. Occasionally the print providers that we use may get it wrong or an item might be damaged during shipping. Please let us know and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

What should I do if I have more questions?

Feel free to contact our shop directly. Please do NOT place an order while simultaneously asking to change something within the order. Contact us first to see if any changes are possible. Since this is a print on demand business, our system automatically sends orders to the manufacturer within the hour. At that point we cannot make any changes to the order. 

Where else can I find your products?

You can also find our products on our various social media accounts; @ReddBLVD on Instagram, Facebook, eBay & Pinterest.